Hall & Dry Dock

Hall & Dry Dock
In addition to our offer of boats for rent, we want to highlight the novelty in our offer. Dry dock and  hall Marilla is located in the industrial zone Gaženica in Zadar, at the address Gaženička cesta 3. The total land area of ​​our dry marina is 2.500 m², the hall itself has 1.400 m². The accommodation capacity of the hall is up to 60 ships, and the maximum length of the ship in the hall can be up to 12 m. Our hall is equipped to provide the best possible conditions for your boat during the long winter months. The equipment includes full coverage of the marina with video surveillance, and physical guarding of the hall and the courtyard so that we meet the highest safety standards. The courtyard part, which is intended for a dry marina, has an accommodation capacity of 60 and more vessels with a maximum length of up to 15 m. We provide an excellent opportunity for your boat to spend the winter in a closed and safe place covered by video surveillance, and for you carefree winter months. In addition to the boat accommodation service, we also offer various service and other additional services for your boats. With our subcontractors and licensed marine engine repairers, we are able to perform absolutely all repairs of ships that are in our custody. Fully professional staff at your service, from all marine cosmetics to installation of instruments, accessories, installation of engines, thrusters, we cover absolutely every aspect.
In the area of ​​the dry marina, we also offer accommodation of vessels indoors – HALLS. We currently have a hall with an area of ​​1.500 m2, in which it is possible to accommodate vessels up to 12 m in total length. By placing your boat in the hall, the boat is protected from all adverse weather conditions such as rain, condensation, freezing and sun exposure. The storage space of the hall is protected by video surveillance and physically guarded. The vessel is stored in a fenced and 24 hour / day guarded area  which can accommodate about 60 vessels. We offer a high quality dry dock service in an easily accessible location along the state road.
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